Exhibition in Norway

Circus Europe at Arteriet in Kristiansand from 20 September - 13 October 2013:

Welcome everyone.

The opening of the exhibition was on 20 september 2013.

Artist: Machteld van Buren.
Speakers: Irene Ikdal (counsellor for visual art, County Vest-Agder), gallerist Marianne Laukvik, poets Terje Dragseth and Peter van Lier.
Music: S√łgne bygdekor and Terje Dragseth.

Gallerist Marianne Laukvik  as a conductor.

Terje Dragseth singing.
Irene Ikdal talking about the cultural situation in Europe.
The two poets: Terje Dragseth and Peter van Lier.

Overall view.

Between the audience.
Poet and artist.

High school project of Circus Europe from 8 October - 14 October 2013: school children talking about the art works and debating about the EU and the position of Norway in Europe.

The first group of children visiting the gallery.
Full house (I).

Full house (II).

On location in Gimle.

Full attention.


On location in Mandal: Terje Dragseth reading his poem about Norway.

and girls.

Interpreting boys...
One of the students gives her opinion.

Over there.

The highschool project of Circus Europe was sponsored by the Norwegian county Vest-Agder:
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vest agder

On the road to Norway, impressions of the country, and the way back to The Netherlands, from 16 September till 15 October 2013:

Waiting for the boat.

Near the gallery (II).
Near the gallery (III).

Into the blue (I).

A trace.
Into the blue (II).

City  life.

On our way home (II).
On our way home (I).